Get a faster Mac.

A simple and effective 3 step solution helping keep
your mac running fast, clean and error Free!

Scan Your Mac


Perform an in-depth system scan to identify issues that slows you down.



Optimize your Mac with One click resolution.

Speed Up

Speed Up

Make your Mac faster than it ever was.

How fast is your Mac?

Supercharge your Mac and make it run faster!

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*Note: Speed4Mac does not sell or charge for scanning your Mac. You can clean up your Mac manually for FREE. Search the web on how to fix the issues that Speed4Mac finds, or Speed4Mac registered version (39.95$) can do it for you if you choose this option. Your choice.

Here is what you’re going to get from Speed4Mac…

Speed up your Mac OS X, including the boot volume by removing unwanted Files, Logs and Caches…

Clean Cache Files

Scrub Cache Files

Get rid of cache file clutter and visibly better your Mac’s performance in minutes.

Clean Log Files

Clear Out Log Files

Give back essential disk space to your Mac by clearing out old unnecessary log file.

Clean System Junk

Delete System Junk

Increase load speed for all of your applications when you eradicate useless system junk.

Empty system trash and binary files to free disk space and shutdown unneeded extensions

Trashes & Leftovers

Remove All Trash

Find and remove all trash that sits in your system’s folders with just a click.

Manage Extensions

Administer Extensions

Exercise control over all of your system’s extensions, including widgets, preference panes, and plug-ins.

Universal Binaries

Universal Binaries

Eliminate any and all binary files that are hindering your Mac’s performance.

Remove Unneeded OS X files, find and remove Duplicated and Large files

Language Files

Language Files

Deleting useless language files can decrease large applications by up to 70% in size.

Large Files

Huge Files

Space-hog files can be reduced in size (up to 70%) simply by removing excess languages.

Duplicate Files

Duplicate Files

Remove duplicate files that are cluttering your system and preventing optimal performance.

Uninstall unwanted Application, Widgets, Plugins

Mac Uninstaller

Mac Uninstaller

Uninstall unwanted Applications, Widgets, Plugins by Drag & Drop

…and much more

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